An identity is stolen

every 7 seconds.

Nearly 7 out of 100 Americans have had their ID stolen.

ID Theft is the #1 complaint to the FTC.

26% of victims know the

person who stole their identity

20% involve theft of a senior citizen's identity

17% of perpetrators have

a criminal background

4% involve theft of a

child's identity

ID Theft targets

Bank accounts:


Utility bills:


Credit cards:


Government documents: 


What happens to victims of ID Theft

Had to borrow money from family or friends

Had to take time off work

Had to sell possessions to pay bills

Took out a payday loan

5 ways to safeguard your identity

1: Protect your social security number

2: Place security freezes on your credit accounts

3: Use long passwords

4: Turn on two-factor authentication

5: Sign up for alerts on bank accounts

Click here to download and print these

important facts about protecting your identity.

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Sources: NBC News, PrivacyMaxx, FTC, USPS, Experian, Javelin

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Now is not the time to let your guard down.  

It's no longer a matter of if you'll become a victim, but when. Here's what we know: 

  • 22 million individuals have become victims of ID theft since the Equifax breach

  • ID theft is America's fastest-growing crime, affecting more people than car theft and home burglaries combined

  • Thieves will wait up to 10 years (or more) to use stolen data, since your personal informaton never changes

  • You are nine times more likely to become a victim of ID theft if your information has been exposed in a data breach

All of us at Zander ID Theft Solutions greatly appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in us.  Through our personal information monitoring, proactive email alerts, a committed U.S.-based restoration team, $1Million in stolen funds & expense reimbursement, and free child protection on our Family Plan, you can rest assured that we will continue working hard to keep you protected - now and in the years to come. 

-Your Zander ID Theft Solutions Team

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Email is used more than any other app,

but it was never meant to be secure.

That's why email is the source of more than

9 out of 10 computer viruses.

Here's how to stay safer.

Say "no" to receiving offers and updates via email when you register or shop online.

Companies often sell or swap their customer lists.

Create separate email accounts for personal and recreational use.

Make each email password unique and at least eight characters long.

When you receive a suspicious email at work, alert IT.

Across all industries, this reduces detection time of a breach from 146 days to one hour.

Clicking on links or opening unsolicited attachments can infect your computer or smartphone.

Some viruses automatically forward the infected email to your entire address book.

Remember, emails can sometimes be

intercepted and viewed by prying eyes.

Click here to download and print

these ways to keep your email safe from fraudsters.

Sources: PhishMe, University of Adelaide, FireEye, Wired

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A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

What can you do if it happens to you?

Stolen laptops aren’t easily recovered.

Most are taken from bars, coffee shops, unlocked cars or left behind at airport security. Some are sold at pawn shops or to unsuspecting buyers.


And some fraudsters are out to steal information stored on the machine.

Click here to download and print

these steps to preventing and responding to the theft of your laptop.

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One last thing...

Trust your instinct.

If an email doesn't look quite right

or a website asks for personal information,

stop and think before you click!

YOU are the most important link in

keeping your family safe from cyber fraud.

In the upcoming edition of cyber security month news
from the Zander ID Theft Solutions team:
How to stay safe from fraudsters when you work remotely

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