Keeping you safer at work and at home  |  October 15, 2016

Check out this amazing map.

You'll get an idea of how widespread cyber breaches are.

What to do when you suspect a co-worker is going bad.

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So many of us are abandoning Yahoo's email service because it was hacked, Yahoo has turned off the ability for users to forward their email to a different account. Read more.

College students, take note. Demand for cyber security experts is growing so fast, career opportunities are exploding. These jobs pay really well. Read more.

News for Microsoft Windows users: beginning this month, you won't be able to pick and choose which of their software updates you install. From now on, it's all or nothing. (So install them all.) Read more.

Speaking of updates, make sure you take time to install the latest updates to Adobe Reader and Flash player. They're important ones. Read more.

Finally, as we approach the election, "phishing" attacks are on the rise. If you get an email asking for log-in details about any of your online accounts, it's a fake. Don't answer it. Read more.

Get smarter about online safety.

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about common ways cyber thieves try to get you.

Always choose a password-protected wi-fi network because it will be harder for bad guys to break into your laptop or smartphone.

Use the slider below to spot the unsafe ones.

Always look for the "lock" icon. Those wi-fi networks require a password, which makes them safer.

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Percentage of cyber breaches that occur in health care (because your health records are so valuable on the black market):

Number of Facebook accounts hacked every day because of simple passwords:

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Percentage of small businesses that don't have a plan for what to do if they get hacked:

Percentage that have been hacked:

Reduction in Yahoo's value as a result of the breach of 500 million users' passwords:

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