Most cyber breaches begin when crooks use stolen or easily-guessed passwords to access a website or app. So it's important to use a complex, hard-to-guess password for each of your online accounts. Except many of us still aren't doing that.


Check out this video featuring the most common passwords of 2020, according to NordPass. Then avoid using any of them!

Gadget security alert:

As you do your holiday shopping, remember these popular companies are being called out for the way they manage their customers’ privacy.


According to the non-profit Mozilla Corporation, Huawei smartwatches, SimpliSafe security cameras, Ring video doorbells and security cams, Facebook’s Portal video chat units, and Roku’s streamers, soundbars and streaming sticks fall short in the ways they handle and share customer data.

There is money to be made serving short attention spans: 

As the Chinese-owned social media platform Tik-Tok has demonstrated, people love short videos. Now that Tik-Tok competitor Snapchat has added 10-second videos, their revenues have grown 10-fold in under two years.


Now, Shapchat says it will pay out $1 million a day during the month of December to users who post the most popular videos. Chartr says Snapchat hopes to capitalize on these viral videos by launching a new social media platform called “Spotlight.”

Retailer The North Face says it has been breached, with hackers getting access to some customer names, email addresses, and birthdays. … Hackers have also stolen names, email addresses, and birthdays for about 14,000 US players of the video games “Resident Evil” and “Street Fighter”. … Thousands of Office 365 email addresses and passwords of senior executives around the world are for sale on the dark web for up to $1,500 each. ZDNet says the data comes from executives who replied to targeted fake emails earlier this year. ... And here's a heads up for players of the popular video game Minecraft. Security company Avast says Google Play is selling Android apps that promise to “enhance” the Minecraft experience with graphics and functionality. But the apps don't readily disclose their high prices and then charge users’ credit cards after the free trial period ends. 

This has been a year like no other! Cybercrime is way up and hackers are finding new ways to steal our money and information. Here's a Wordfinder puzzle that covers a few of the year's cyber highlights.

Click the thumbnail image to download and print the puzzle plus a page with the answers. And happy new year!

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