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New threat to Android phones

But don't worry: we've got you covered.

Word this week: about 200,000 Android phones in the US have been infected with a new bug called Gooligan.


The hack allows bad guys to access Gmail, Google Photos, Google docs Google Play and other Google services, and steal passwords and email addresses. 

The number of infected phones is growing by at least 13,000 a day because the bug targets about 3 out of 4 Android phones. 

If you're interested in how Gooligan works, click here to read the article from the security company CheckPoint. 

Or, if you'd like to skip to the part where you can see if your Google account is affected, just click here.

How do you avoid Gooligan and malware similar to it?


Only download apps from a trusted app store. 

Homeland Security is sending its employees fake emails offering free Redskins tickets. And when employees try to pick them up, they get in trouble. Read more.

This year's top gifts that come with a risk of being hacked: webcams, drones and streaming media sticks. Watch the video here.

Never insert a USB memory stick into your computer unless you know where it came from. Here's another example why. Read more here.

How hackers work today - Paul MacArthur | SecureWorks
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Paul's advice:
Use a credit card with a low spending limit for websites you don't often visit.
Avoid using debit cards.
Have a standalone computer at home just to do your online banking — nothing else.

How much do you know about cyber safety?

In this Xtreme Solutions quiz,

you'll be amazed to learn where

familiar computer terms came from.

You're more apt to be a victim of cyber crime because of something called "phishing" than anything else.


Download and print out this Georgia Department of Corrections poster to remind yourself how to stay safe.

Want to erase yourself from the internet?


Here's a start. It's a new website called that lists your various online accounts along with links to delete them. 

Percentage of Americans who have been a victim of some sort of cyber crime this year: 39%

Number of seconds it takes a wi-fi connected security camera to get hacked if you don't change the password it came with: 98

Rank of millennials among age groups most likely to be hacked: 1

AIRS Association of Internet Security Specialists, TechCrunch, NBC

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