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Yes, your Yahoo account has been hacked. Now what should you do?

Log in to it and change your password immediately. Even better, use your smartphone or tablet to bypass passwords completely.

Pay attention to your passwords

when an employee leaves.

  • 89% of departing employees still have access to some of their former employer's online accounts.

  • 60% are never asked for the passwords they use to access company's files.

  • 49% access some of those files after they've left.

  • One of the most common ways former employees gain access: using other employees' passwords!

Click to view and download our Aware Force article​ (PDF) about protecting your passwords.

With Election Day less than two months away, there is ongoing news coverage speculating that hackers might try to change the outcome. But President Obama's Homeland Security advisor says our system of voting isn't very technically advanced, which means it would be hard to hack. 

So if the Russians are behind the hacks of the U.S. political system, why aren't we retaliating? Apparently it's because we don't want to give them insight into the sources we use to gather intelligence on them. 

iPhone users: a new ripoff has appeared using iMessage, Apple's popular text messaging application. The message claims to be from Apple and warns you to update your account or it will be terminated immediately. It's designed to scare you. Don't fall for it.

Online scams targeting the elderly have been prevalent for years. But this month, college freshmen are fresh targets. Fake textbook sites, phoney online credit card applications and non-existent scholarships that demand application fees are out there ready to rip them off

Do you ever read those "terms and conditions" on software before you click "accept? No you don't. For example, did you know Facebook owns every photo and video you upload there? Here's a video about a 4th grader who got an "A" for proving adults don't bother to read what they're agreeing to. 

Two rules every parent should embrace about their

kids and the internet

Regardless of your parenting style, there are steps you should take to keep your kids safe while they use computers and smartphones. 

Here's advice worth listening to featuring Ben Halpert, founder of Savvy Cyber Kids and author of a series of books on cyber safety.

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