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Just in time for holiday scams:

If you see these on your computer, ignore them.

Check out these "warning screens" that have started popping up as people surf the web. The warnings look official, even providing you with phone numbers for Microsoft and Apple to solve the problem. 


But don't click and don't call. Simply close the window and continue surfing. 

These messages are embedded in advertising on legitimate websites like CNN, the New York Times and AOL.

On the other end of the phone are operators who are ready to take your credit card number and control of your computer.


Don't fall for it!

By the way, the screenshot above with the headline "Someone has your password" is the scam used to hack in to Hillary Clinton's emails. 

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The largest hack of the year: 412 million email addresses and passwords have been stolen from the adult websites and FriendFinder. Read more.


Looking at the stolen data, what's interesting is how often people still use the same, easy to hack passwords. Recognize any of these passwords from the ones you use? Change them!

Own any Philips Hue smart lightbulbs or WeMo smart timers? Update the software they're using. Read more here and here.

New study: employees are more productive on the job if they think the boss doesn't spy on them. Read more.

The Army is paying hackers to find ways to break into its websites — and, so far, 140 of them have been successful.

Read more.

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Approximate percentage of organized terrorism on the internet that is carried out through social media: 90%

Number of young people who have experienced cyber bullying or threats online: over 1 in 3

Percentage increase in school shooting threats made through social media since 2014: 158%

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