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What's the easiest way to tell if an email is a phish? Verizon says now 7 in 10 of us know the first place to look is the web address that an email links to. In this example, the web address at the top of the email is not ""


This actual phishing email is designed to collect a player's personal information as they participate in a phony contest. 


Click and drag the slider bar to see clues that it's a fake.

What happens if you complete this contest? Here is the screen you see. It says you won the iPad! To claim it, you must enter your credit card number and pay a shipping fee. And no, they won't be sending you an iPad.

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> Hackers have stolen driver’s license numbers that belong to some GEICO customers, which could result in the filing of fake unemployment claims on behalf of victims. CyberScoop says GEICO customers should be on the lookout for unexpected mail from their state unemployment agency, confirming they've filed for unemployment.​

> Scammers are sending fake alerts to some Instagram users claiming one of their recent postings violates copyright law. The message warns the user’s Instagram account will be closed within 24 hours unless a “Copyright Objection Form," that includes the user's name and password, is filled out and returned. Armed with that personal information, the scammer can then lock the user out of their own Instagram account.

> Apple is facing lawsuits from consumers who maintain they own their copies of music and videos purchased through the iTunes store. Apple disagrees. Ars Technica reminds consumers can assure they always have access to the content purchased from Apple, Google, and others by downloading a copy to their computer instead of relying on streaming it off the web. 

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Take a minute to watch this new video.

You'll be surprised at how big cybercrime is getting. 

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