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Ever visited an MGM resort? Already one of the largest data breaches ever, last year’s theft of guest information from MGM Resorts is at least 10x larger than originally thought.


ZDNet says names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of 142 million guests are now for sale on the dark web for about $3,000. MGM Resorts owns the Bellagio, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and golf courses, resorts and casinos worldwide.

Protect your privacy, but don't bust your laptop doing it. More often than ever, users are covering their webcams when not in use as a security precaution, which is wise.


ZDNet says using a plastic webcam cover that slides open, a coin, band-aid, or other thick items to cover the webcam can lead to a cracked or broken laptop display.


Apple recommends avoiding anything thicker than a Post-It note to cover MacBook cameras.  

Remember, registering to vote is free! Google is now banning online ads like the one below that promise to register Americans to vote for a fee, even though it actually costs nothing to register.


Ads like this one appeared millions of times in search results for “how to vote”. Some are linked to a company that collected personal information and charged fees as high as $129.

Not as secure anymore. The chat app Signal has grown quickly, in part, because it promises not to retain personal information about its users.


But Vice says the latest version of the Signal app prompts users to store their contact lists, profiles, and other personal information, now making Signal less desirable for those who place a priority on privacy.

What types of passwords are available for cyber crooks to purchase on the dark web?


Here’s a breakdown of the 5 billion stolen passwords now out there, according to the cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows.


25% of stolen passwords are for bank accounts. Make sure your passwords are long (15 characters or more) and unique to each website. 

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