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Do you put off installing software updates on your personal computer or phone because it takes too long? Researchers at Secureworks say, make time! Their research, which involves companies but also applies to individuals, shows that almost 40% of cyber-attacks could have been prevented if computers and apps ran the most up-to-date software.


From the United Kingdom comes word that the government will soon impose a multi-million dollar fine on TikTok. The popular video-sharing app is accused of tracking kids’ behavior, which is illegal. Parents can safeguard their kids’ privacy on TikTok by visiting the child’s profile page on TikTok, clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, selecting “Family Pairing,” and following the steps.


The number of unwanted text messages is skyrocketing. RoboKiller says that last September, scammers sent about 1.2 billion spam text messages. Now, they’re sending close to 11 billion a month! To block texts from unknown numbers on your phone, go to the “Settings” app. On an iPhone, click on activate “Filter Unknown Senders.” On Android, click on “Spam Protection” and then enable it.

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"My email address was hacked back in 2021, and I have changed my password several times. Is my email address safe?"


If your email was hacked, whatever information was in your account at the time could have been stolen. That includes names and email addresses of your contacts plus information in all the emails you sent, received, and even deleted. Changing your email password was the first step, but it wasn’t enough. You should change passwords on all your accounts, beginning with the most critical like your bank, credit card, and government-related accounts. While at it, turn on multi-factor authentication for every account that offers it. You will then receive a text or email with a one-time code required to access the account. Better yet, install password manager software on your personal computer.


"How can a scammer use a receipt to access my personal information if the receipt only has the last four digits of my credit card?"

With those four digits alone, they can't. A scammer intent on doing lots of work could match the name on the receipt to personal information about you and stolen credit card information about you (and virtually every other adult) for sale on the dark web. But first, they would have to get physical possession of that receipt. 


"How do keylogger programs get downloaded onto someone's computer? And how can I keep that from happening to my PC?"


A keylogger is software that records everything you type on your computer or smartphone, including usernames and passwords like the one for your bank account. Cybercrooks deliver keyloggers through games or apps...or by logging into your computer using one of your passwords that were part of a cyber breach.


How do you avoid keyloggers? Stick to downloading apps from your device's official app store or a reputable website like Microsoft. Also, install anti-virus software on your computer and phone so you're notified immediately if something is amiss.

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