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> Tik-Tok is expanding the length of videos it will allow. Instead of 15-seconds when the social media platform began, users will soon be able to post videos as long as 10-minutes. MediaPost says the Chinese company that owns Tik-Tok believes that longer videos will equal more advertising revenue. The platform now has over a billion regular users worldwide. 

> Hackers have stolen a huge amount of data from Samsung and posted it online. Bleeping Computer reports the data includes "sensitive information that may be used to compromise Samsung devices" including biometric algorithms used to secure Samsung phones. 

> The cybersecurity firm Proofpoint says 83% of organizations experienced at least one successful email-based phishing attack last year, an increase of 57%. Phishing emails are the primary method scammers use to plant ransomware. 

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Airline ticket purchases for spring break are up 134% compared to last year.

Have fun and keep your electronics safe from cyber crooks while you travel!

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"Is it recommended to activate the virtual account number on my credit card? What are the benefits and disadvantages?"

Some banks and tech companies like Google Pay and Apple Card offer temporary credit card numbers for use when shopping online. In some cases, the number only works one time. The merchant never sees your real credit card number, but your account gets charged when you make a purchase. Virtual credit card numbers are growing in popularity and can add a layer of protection when you make purchases using the web. 

"I'm really tired of all these warnings about crooks stealing my money. I don't have much money to steal."

Scammers are after whatever money you do have. They also want your personal information so they can open new accounts and take money from there. Your name and identity are extremely valuable, as well. Once scammers have enough information about you, they can masquerade as you and cause trouble that takes time and effort to undo. 

"When I click on a store's link in an email and visit an online store, do they know who I am?"

They do. That email contains an identifier. When it's opened, the merchant gets notified. If you bought from that merchant before using the same email address, they also have a record of the personal information you gave them when you placed the order. Believe it or not, that can affect the prices you're shown. 

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