This time of year, fraudsters claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service send emails and texts to millions of unsuspecting Americans demanding immediate payment. 


But the IRS, Social Security Administration, VA, and other government agencies will never email, text or phone you with information about your account or demanding payment. And you'll never receive an IRS email with an update on your refund status. 

Know the rules! Protect yourself and your money. Click the button below to take the Tax Attack Cybersecurity Quiz.  

New feature in the Google Chrome web browser will protect users from stolen passwords.  


According to the cybersecurity publication Digital Trends, personal information on virtually every US adult sells for as little as $13, much of it gathered using stolen user passwords. 

The latest version of Google's Chrome browser features a new tool to fight that. When Chrome detects a password is for sale on the dark web, Google will send an alert to the user, with a warning to change the password immediately. 

Be on the lookout for this new notification that's designed to keep you safe. 

30 million customers of Wawa, the east coast convenience store chain, are at risk because of a security breach that took nine months to discover. Debit and credit card information began showing up for sale this month on the dark web.

Wawa is warning customers to check monthly statements for fraudulent charges, and to change their bank account passwords. 

Facebook’s popular Messenger Kids app will soon allow parents to see their kids’ chat histories, contacts, images from chats and log their kids out of Messenger at any time.


Messenger is also launching a new section of the app that explains to kids how their personal data is used.

As worries about the Coronavirus spread, cyberhackers are taking advantage of our fears.  


They’re sending emails that appear to be from the Centers from Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and other large healthcare groups.


The emails instruct the reader to click on a link to learn about safeguarding themselves against the virus.


The link, however, leads to a webpage that asks for a username and password, which the victim has likely already used on other websites. That information gives hackers access to those accounts. 


Can you spot the clues that this is a phishing email? Drag the slider bar below from left to right.

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