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The biggest hack in history.

It's Yahoo, again.

Yahoo has disclosed that, three years ago, criminals got access to a billion user names, passwords and answers to Yahoo security questions. 

Even though years have since passed, this is a New Year's reminder: invest some time changing your passwords. Maybe get yourself a password manager for Christmas.

Find out what the internet knows about you.

Surf the web anonymously. Really.

Protect your computer from malware for free.

A live view of hacking across the globe.

Use at home to see if your webcam has been hacked.

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Cyber Security Headlines

Traveling in the coming days? Do not use public wi-fi, particularly at airports. Learn how to use your smartphone as a hotspot, instead. Read more.

A Clinton staffer typed "legitimate" instead of "illegitimate," and it cost the campaign dearly. There's a lesson here: pay attention when you type a web address or you might regret it, too! Read more.

For those who use the video streaming website, Daily Motion: change your password right away, please. Read more here.

The best of 2016:

Take our year-end quiz from the Synovus IT team,

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Catching a Phish


Here's a phony email designed to look like it came from Amazon. Can you spot the clues that it's not legit?

See How Phishing Works

 —downloadable poster —

Here's how to avoid phishing as you check email and surf: download and print out this poster from Digital Guardian.

Apps to Know About

Are you getting a new smartphone or tablet as a gift this year?

Use your old device as a security camera and motion detector with a free app called Presence.

Fast Facts

Percentage increase this year in email attempts to trick people into handing over their tax information to someone claiming to be the with IRS: 400%

Percentage increase this year in ransomware crimes, where you have to pay to get back computer files back that were stolen: 6,000%.

Percentage of parents who said they would pay ransom to get back family photos: 55%.

IRS, IBM X-force

One Last Thing...

One last thing...

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