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Every second, 61 records are stolen online. Are any of them yours? 

The website is a good place to find out.

If your your name or email address appears,

change your password on that account. 


>  Here are steps to consider following the announcement by credit bureau Equifax that birthdays, driver’s license numbers and other personal information on 143 million Americans was breached this summer. 


1: Order and then review copies of your credit reports here.

2: Consider investing in an independent credit monitoring service such as LifeLock or ID Shield.

3: Freeze your credit files. Learn more about how any to do that here.

Note: this cyber breach may not yet show up in listings on, the website featured at the top of this page.

Take the quiz! You will learn why you should protect your old passwords,

how profitable ransomware can be,

and the three facts that allow a fraudster to steal your identity.

An urgent text message that appears on your smartphone

might be from a fraudster trying to install a virus on it.


Do not click on the text link!

To learn more about "smishing,"

watch this video from NBC News

and then scroll through examples below.

Here are five examples of smishes.

Scroll through the images to see each one.

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