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Late February 2017

Think you're sharp?

Watch how easy it is to socially engineer someone.

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Think you're safe from fraudsters who want your personal information? Remember, if you have a job or any money at all, they want it!

Samsung is advising owners of its smart TVs not to discuss sensitive personal matters around their TV sets, because the sets are "listening" and can share information with the company and its partners. ... What do you do about the latest breach of a billion Yahoo accounts, announced in recent days? Change your password (again!) and stop using Yahoo email for anything relevant. ... Also, if you use Playstation or XBox360, now would be a good time to change your passwords. 2.5 million email addresses and passwords have been made available to criminals. ... Ignore fake tweets promising a year of free, unlimited Verizon service in exchange for retweeting the announcement.  ... The IRS is warning about a scheme this tax season: emails to employees that appear to come from the CEO asking for sensitive financial information.

One last thing...

In this second installment of our Information Security Newsletter, we start with emphasizing our focus topic for the month, social engineering, which is the art of “human hacking,” or manipulating people to give up sensitive information through exploiting a fake relationship.

Social engineers heighten their attacks during tax season, because they prey upon the fact that you might need tax help, or be confused about certain regulations, or may be so distracted with all the busy-ness of this month (Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, tax preparation activities) that you will let your guard down.

Don’t! Be cognizant and vigilant in all you do and especially if you find so-called professionals offering unsolicited help and asking questions that seem too intimate.

Information Security is our shared responsibility to our shareholders, our customers, and to each other. You are the key to our success and we are here to support you.

We EDUCATE. So you can MITIGATE. Which helps keep us all SECURE.

SVP, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Nashira W. Layade

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