Cybercriminals have discovered that sending us fake emails and texts that contain personal information is an effective way to steal money and information.

Here are examples of "spear-phishing" messages that are designed to trick us as we use our computers at work and at home.

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How much do you know about online safety?

According to Pew Research, many of us don't understand

some of the easy ways to protect ourselves.

Take the quiz and see if you know!

Trust your instinct.
If an email doesn't look quite right
or a website asks for personal information,
stop and think before you click!
Be the PINNACLE of security.
Please report suspicious emails to

You're the most important link

keeping your employer and your family

safe from cyber fraud.

In the upcoming edition of Cybersecurity News
from the Pinnacle Propane cybersecurity team:
Holiday for fraudsters —
get ready for the biggest online shopping season in history.

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