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Highest profile ransomware attack

With the cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline disrupting fuel supplies on the east coast, millions of Americans are experiencing ransomware for the first time. But ransomware attacks are not new or uncommon. In fact, ransomware is the fastest-growing kind of cybercrime because it can be so profitable for criminals.


In a ransomware attack, hackers gain access to an organization’s computer network, encrypt files on its computers, and demand payment to unscramble the files. Sometimes hackers also threaten to publicly disclose confidential information about organizations and individuals. The FBI warns that paying the ransom is usually futile.  


Employees can be unwitting accomplices to these hackers. Click on the button below to watch a video about how that happens.  


The Pacific Premier Cybersecurity Team is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe online.


Did you receive a suspicious email that you were not expecting?  When in doubt, report suspicious emails using the “Phishing Email Alert” button in Outlook.

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Credit scores and financial “risk factors” of millions of Americans have been exposed to fraudsters because of a glitch at the credit reporting giant Experian. Security expert Brian Krebs says freezing a person’s credit reports at Experian will prevent improper disclosure of their creditworthiness moving forward.  

> Only 4% of iPhone users are giving permission for Facebook, Google, and other platforms to track what they do on the web. Consumers got the option to opt-out of behavior tracking in Apple's latest software. Facebook implies that if too many consumers choose greater privacy, the company may have to charge users for its service. 

> Fake package delivery emails and texts are still on the rise because so many of us fall for them. Examples include:

  • “We have (1) package pending for your name. Schedule delivery now.”

  • “Order 4160894 is scheduled for delivery today. Track the package here.”

  • “Your misguided package is scheduled for delivery today. Click here for an ETA”.

The cyber firm Proofpoint says these emails contain links that require users to enter personal information to access phony delivery instructions.

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