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Cyber crooks are out in record numbers, trying to sell COVID vaccination appointments online, vaccine doses by mail, and counterfeit vaccines.

Listen to the latest on scams.

Georgia's Attorney General Chris Carr talks about COVID scams his office is seeingClick on the buttons below to listen. 

Examples of scams experts are seeing (:55 seconds)

Remember, all COVID vaccines are free (:29 seconds)

Download tips on avoiding scams.

Click on the thumbnail image below to download and print this PDF about avoiding COVID scams.

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The Pacific Premier Bank Human Resources Department monitors updates provided by the CDC, state, and local health authorities and distributes the information to all employees of the bank. 


To help you obtain the latest information regarding COVID-19 vaccines please visit the CDC Vaccine Finder tool that allows individuals to access vaccine availability and appointment information in their region.     


You can find additional information on the COVID-19 Guidance page on the PPB’s intranet or through the internal emails sent by PPB Human Resources Department.    

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Some of today's most dangerous emails and texts involve fake package deliveries. Here's an email that looks like it came from FedEx. Clicking on a link will take you to a website that looks like FedEx's, where you're instructed to enter credit card information for updates on a delivery that doesn't exist


Drag the slider bar from right to left to spot clues this email is fake.

Did you receive an email involving package deliveries that you were not expecting?  


When in doubt, report suspicious emails using the “Phishing Email Alert” button in Outlook

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> Over a million gift and payment cards from Airbnb, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others are for sale on the dark web for 5 cents on the dollar, says Gemini Advisory. Remember: gift cards should be managed as carefully as cash

> Capital One discloses crooks got customers' social security numbers during a massive data breach two years ago. You should notify both the IRS and Social Security Administration if you discover your social security number has been compromised. 

> In the coming days, iPhone users will have the option to stop sharing personal information with Facebook, Google, and thousands of apps. But the Wall Street Journal says Procter and Gamble is already testing new technology that will allow it to bypass the new security measure.  

> 15% of us use our pets' names as passwords. 14% use the name of a family member. 6% use favorite sports teams. ZDNet says fraudsters who scan social media posts can easily guess those passwords and steal personal information. 


The Pacific Premier Cybersecurity Team is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe online.


If you think you've clicked on a phishing email, an urgent text message,

or received a suspicious voice mail, send an email to right away so we can check it out. 

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