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One of the country's leading experts on internet privacy has a reminder about the trade-off we make when we use many popular websites.

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When you use Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

and other popular websites, 

you're giving them use of your personal information 

in exchange for not paying them a fee.

Trevor Hughes, the CEO of IAPP, the world's largest privacy organization,

says this is a trade-off consumers need to understand.

Hughes says consumers are giving companies access to personal information.

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With the Equifax breach, he says companies will be judged about how they protect privacy.

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> Mattel's newest baby monitor, called Aristotle, has plenty of sophisticated technology built-in, but will it spy on babies? Bloomberg reports the device is setting off privacy alarms.


Sonic Drive-In customers: examine your credit and debit card statements in coming months for charges you did not make. Krebs on Security reports that the theft of credit card numbers from Sonic could affect millions of customers' credit card accounts.

> Password protect your phone, for sure. But Android users, don't rely on the "pattern" lock feature. Wired says patterns are much easier for hackers to guess and advises you to use a password or six digit numerical code instead. 

This is one of the most common —

and effective tricks hackers use to learn your password

and break into your Facebook account.

Can you spot how they get you to sign up?

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The new iPhone X, Pixel 2 and Galaxy 8 are coming our way.

We salute them with a list of features they're missing.

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In the upcoming edition of cyber security news:
The easiest ways for fraudsters to steal
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