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Ransomware is software, sent by crooks and downloaded by mistake, that scrambles all the files on a computer. In most cases, the only way to get the files back is to pay ransom money, though that is no guarantee the files will be unlocked.  Watch the video to learn more. 

Ransomware Fast Facts

Percentage of global data breaches caused by malware: 39%

Percentage of ransomware attacks that demand payment to unlock files: 51%.


Percentage of ransomware incidents caused by clicking on a phishing email: 65%

Percentage caused by visiting a malicious website: 35%.


Percentage of large businesses impacted by ransomware: 15%

Approximate number of individuals that lost files to ransomware last year: 600,000


Number of new forms of ransomware in the first four months of 2019: 25 million


Percentage of ransomware hacks caused by theft of passwords and user names: 63%

Percentage of ransomware attacks caused by opening an infected Microsoft Office document: 38%

   …by opening an infected .zip file: 37%

   …by opening an infected PDF: 14%


Percentage of victims who pay the ransom, hoping to get their files back: 45%

Percentage of those who paid the crooks but didn’t get their data back: 40%


Sources: CISCO, Microsoft, Imperva, ENISA, AV Test

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to avoiding ransomware attacks.

Bad actors like to infect Microsoft products because so many people use Microsoft at work and at home.


Fake phishing emails often include attached Word or Excel files, or like the email below, refer to Microsoft Office 365.

This email directs you to a web page where you’re instructed to enter your Microsoft password. Fraudsters can use that password to access your Office documents.


Can you spot the clues? Drag the red slider bar from left to right to see why this is a dangerous phishing email.

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