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This amazing map, from the cybersecurity company Sonic Wall, shows the rate at which major cyberattacks occur around the world 24 hours a day. 

By some estimates, the Chinese government employs over 100,000 hackers fulltime to attack and penetrate US computer systems. 

Cyber expert Rachel Wilson of Morgan Stanley says the North Korean government tests every child at age 12 for proficiency in learning how to hack.

That's because cybercrime is so profitable and often involves the theft of our personal information and our employer's most sensitive information.  

Many of us think our computers and smartphones offer little of value to hackers, but that's incorrect. 

Using long passwords, double-checking emails before downloading attachments or clicking through to websites and keeping the software on our personal computers up-to-date will stop most hackers. 

It's amazing how big cybercrime has become.

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One of the most common fake phishing emails of 2019 is the "Delivery Attempt." Scammers want you to believe a package is coming or that delivery was attempted and failed. 

When you click on a link in the email, they ask for your credit card information. But in reality, there is no package.

Can you spot clues that this is a fake email? To learn more, click and hold your mouse on the slider bar, dragging it from left to right. 

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