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How to Spot Text Messages from Crooks

A text arrives from the bank: oh no, you’re overdrawn and your account is frozen! Or the text says you’ve won something cool! Or a text from a friend or family member urges you to check out this amazing new video! 


Whether you use an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, crooks can easily send you a text message that looks urgent and legit. 


They’re after your social security number, zip code, personal financial information or details about your job they can use to steal money or your identity. And all you have to do to help them is click the link in their text message. It’s called “smishing.”


Watch this video and learn how to avoid getting ripped off via text. 

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a document about how to avoid "smishing."

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The largest airline cyber breach ever: hackers got extensive personal information of over nine million customers who have flown Cathay Pacific Airlines, based in Hong Kong. The company knew of the breach seven months ago and didn’t disclose it until recent days.

Mega-job growth: there are nearly 500,000 cybersecurity job openings in the US and three million unfilled jobs worldwide. Forbes says that number is expected to quadruple by 2022. Entry level pay is an average $10,000 higher than the national medium.

Keep an eye out for warnings like these that

pop up on your screen as you surf the web. 


The message warns you that the version of Adobe Flash

running on your computer is out of date. Maybe even dangerous.


The message looks real but clicking the link will download

and install software that infects your computer. 

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