Online shopping this holiday season is expected to grow by nearly 20% compared to last year. Most of us will spend at least half of our total holiday shopping budget online.


Experts say the best way to prevent crooks from running up bills after stealing credit or debit cards is to set up your account so your bank alerts you by text or email whenever a purchase is made.

Here are some other stats about online shopping this coming holiday season.

Rank of promo codes among all effective tactics to grow online sales: 1

Percentage of online sales that will include free shipping: 81%


Percentage of 2019 holiday sales that will involve Amazon: 45%

Percentage of customers who read online reviews while browsing products: 91%

Percentage of online reviews on Amazon that are fake or paid: 61%


Percentage of online sales that will involve using a smartphone: 31%

A tablet: 8%


Percentage of online holiday sales that will occur on Thanksgiving Day: 5.3%

On Black Friday: 29%

Sources: Salesforce, Comscore, FTI Consulting,, Washington Post, Adobe

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Keeping you safer online

Smartphones and cellular networks are inherently safe.

It’s what we do with our phones that can be risky.

Watch the video below to see five ways to stay safer.

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