Email scammers step up the pace in January, sending phishing emails with warnings or instructions about taxes, W-2 forms, social security benefits, changes to vacation schedules and retirement programs. The emails contain links to bogus websites designed to collect personal information. 

Below is an example of a bogus email designed to convince the recipient to provide personal information. Drag the slider from right to left to spot the clues this is a fake.

NEW PRIVACY PROTECTION: Beginning this month, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and many other retailers will display a “Do Not Sell My Info” button on their websites. Clicking the button and completing the form will prevent retailers from selling your name, demographic information, purchase history and email address to other retailers. The move is designed to comply with a new consumer privacy law in California.

WINDOWS ALERT: Microsoft is about to end support for its once-dominant Windows 7 PC operating system. Beginning January 14th, computers running Windows 7 will no longer receive Windows updates and will be more vulnerable to dangerous viruses. For now, Microsoft is allowing users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Do a web search using the phrase “Windows 7 upgrade offer” to learn more.

Aware Force Cybersecurity News • January 2020 a • Edition #86

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