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Phishing — fake emails from crooks — is a part of nearly every data breach. People who click on a link in a phishing email expose their employer to expensive cybercrime and themselves to identity theft. Even though we’re getting better about phishing awareness, millions of smart people will be victims this year.


So, know what to look for. Click on the arrow below to watch a video spotlighting five of this year's most common phishing emails.

APPLE USER ALERT! Now’s the time to update the software that powers your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. The security company Sophos says this newest update is an important one for avoiding hackers.

  • On an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

  • On a Mac, go to the Apple menu, choose About This Mac and click Software Update


If your device is set to update the software automatically (which is smart), the message on the software update screen will show it.

NOT SO HIGH-TECH SPEAKERS: Sonos promises it will continue providing security-related updates to older models of its audio speakers “for as long as possible.” But the announcement shows that some wireless home electronics and appliances could become risky to use long before the products actually wear out.

THE TOP BOSS’S #1 WORRY: By far, CEOs say they are more concerned about the cybersecurity of their businesses than anything else — even competitors. The global survey by PWC also concludes that about half of CEOs are curtailing their use of social media because of the risks.

15 NFL teams including the San Francisco 49ers had their Twitter accounts hacked in recent days, locking them out and allowing hackers to post whatever messages they wanted.


The teams had the clout to correct the problem quickly. But what about you? If crooks break into your email, social media accounts or bank and lock you out, what can you do? Click here to download a printable copy and learn more.

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