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Mid May 2017

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> The massive malware attack that disrupted hospitals around the world earlier this month is a reminder to keep the Windows software that powers your home computer up to date. See the instructions at the top of this page about how to do that.

> Consider freezing your children's credit records with the three major credit bureaus. reports personal information of 700,000 children is now for sale on the dark web for $3.00 per name. The stolen data includes children's social security numbers, dates of birth and home addresses. 


> The phishing email subject line that has been opened the most often by consumers so far this year: "UPS label delivery 1ZBE312TNY00015011". 

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crazy history of the credit card

How did American Express start?

And what did you have to do to get the first debit cards?

Here are the latest threats to your Mac computer. If you open an infected email that appears to be genuine and download the attached file, one of these messages could appear on your screen.

If you install one of these "updates," fraudsters will be able to track everything you do on your computer, from entering your passwords to updating family photos.


What to do:


  • Don't download or open attachments unless you know the sender and are certain they sent the email. 

  • Install and use one of the free malware programs like Total AV, Malwarebytes or McAfee on your home computer.

  • If your computer gets infected, here are instructions to get rid of the malware courtesy of MacWorld UK

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