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Early May 2017

When you take your smartphone or tablet on a trip, you’re carrying a computer that contains vital information about your life, your family, finances and your employer. Fraudsters would love to have that data. It’s up to you to keep it safe.

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Google has shut down a sophisticated attack that convinced many to open an email from someone they know and click on a button that said "Open in Docs" (like the one pictured on the left). The link opened what appeared to be a real Google doc, but instead, gave the attacker all the names and email addresses from the user's address book. 

If you stayed at Holiday Inn, Kimpton, Intercontinental or Crowne Plaza hotels in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico last fall, keep an eye on your credit card statements. Their billing system got hacked.


So did Chipotle's. The restaurant chain says customers who dined there from mid-March to mid-April of this year should monitor their bank and credit card statements. 

Mastercard is about to begin testing new credit cards that read your fingerprint for extra security.

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What should you do if this message appears on your computer screen?


Do not click on the buttons and do not call the number on the screen.

Close the window without following any of the instructions.

If necessary, quit your web browser, re-open it and resume surfing. 

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