Keeping you safer online at work and at home

Mid June 2017

Why is hacking such a big problem?

Why can't we just lock down the internet

and be completely safe?

Here's a video explanation from the folks at


The internet is fundamentally insecure.

However, there are simple things you can do to

protect yourself and your information.

Learn what they are in NOVA’s Cybersecurity Lab.

Visit the Cybersecurity Lab here.

>  Google has launched a new website called Be Internet Awesome, designed to keep kids safer online. 

>  Cyber thieves made fraudulent charges on some Brooks Brothers customers' credit cards over the past 12 months. You can search to see which stores were hacked here

> Users' email addresses and phone numbers from the now-closed video sharing app Vine have been stolen. If you had a Vine account, be wary of texts and emails from unknown senders.

Take our cyber safety quiz about protecting your privacy while you surf the web.

Here is an actual email designed to scare you into revealing your password to fraudsters. Can you spot the clues? Move the slider left to right to see more.

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One last thing...

The Information Technology team at GDC is committed to keeping you safe online, at work and at home. GDC Aware Force is a resource to keep you informed and alert you of some of the most recent cyber security threats. Our goal is to enhance security awareness and reduce the threat risk and loss of data, keeping you, your colleagues and Georgia residents safer.

If you have a question about cyber security or would like to alert us to suspicious activity online or at the office, please email the GDC Office of Information Technology team anytime, at

Gregory C. Dozier


Georgia Department of Corrections

Timothy C. Ward

Chief of Staff

Georgia Department of Corrections

Dan Brown

CIO, Director of

Information Technology

Georgia Department of Corrections

Ernest Bedsaul

Information Security Officer

Georgia Department of Corrections

In the upcoming edition of Aware Force from GDC:
We'll show you easy ways to avoid the latest social media hacks


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