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Early June 2017

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> In May, nearly 250,000 computers were infected with ransomware called "WannaCry." Hospitals lost patient records, businesses lost customer files and consumers lost family photos and documents. 

CSO Magazine cyber security reporter Maria Korolov says, back up your home computer now to prevent losing important personal files.


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Before you get hit with ransomware, what should you do?

Should you ever pay to get your files back?

Five easy steps you can take to stay safer online.

From protecting your office access card to using airport Wi-Fi safely


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Here is a dangerous new kind of email fraud. It offers what appears to be a legitimate update of WhatsApp, a popular texting application.


But when you click on the "install" link, fraudsters will have access to your PC and can steal your personal information like passwords and files. 

You have to be sharp to tell this link is bogus. Can you spot the clue? Slide the arrow back and forth to see.

One last thing...

Planes. Trains. Automobiles.


However we get to our destination, vacation is something that we all look forward to enjoying. While we may be getting much needed R&R in our island retreat, cyber criminals are consistently working hard to redefine their methods to gain access to our sensitive information, and steal our identity and intellectual property. Wherever we go and however we travel, it is important that we incorporate good cybersecurity practices. Vacation does not mean that we get to vacate our efforts to secure our property and safeguard our information and identity. In fact, it means we should actually “up” our game. Here are some personal pointers to do that.


  • Update the software on your devices that will travel with you

  • Backup your information on your home computer

  • Don’t post social media announcements about your travel plans

  • Make sure all your devices are password/PIN protected

  • Don’t connect to free or unsecured WiFi networks

  • Ensure that all property that arrives with you stays with you and leaves with you

  • Be aware of social engineering tactics and attempts to distract you

  • Employ the same policies and procedures you would at home while you are away


Vacation should be a time of rest, relaxation and fun. Don’t give a criminal any opportunity to jeopardize or ruin this time for you.

SVP, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Nashira W. Layade

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