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May 31 2016

Your LinkedIn password is probably being sold to hackers.

Here's what you should do.

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, you need to change your password.


Last week LinkedIn disclosed that, four years ago, 164 million of their 225 million users were hacked and today all of those passwords are for sale on the black market for about $2,500.


  • Is your password for sale right now? Click here to get an idea.

  • Are your passwords strong enough? Click here to tell. 


Not only that: we learned over the Memorial Day weekend that the hackers stole member passwords off of Tumblr and MySpace. So if you've ever had a Tumblr or MySpace account, don't re-use those passwords anywhere!

Download the TAG Aware Force PDF about Safer Passwords

You should change passwords as often as you change the smoke detector batteries in your house.


  • Every website you use should have a different password.

  • You should avoid words like "welcome" or "password."

  • Don't use numbers like "12345" or "99999" or keyboard patterns like "qwerty."


Want to know which movie title makes for a bad password? Why should you avoid Luke Skywalker? Download our PDF about safer passwords. 

Are you smarter than a hacker?

Your next car will use more computer code than a fighter jet.

A leading smart car expert predicts that will reduce traffic deaths by 80%.

Beginning this September, the 2017 Cadillac CTS will hit the market with remarkable technology that will eventually prevent most auto fatalities. Other automakers will follow. 

These are not the driverless cars we've been hearing about. These are "connected" cars that will use wireless technology that conforms to worldwide standards.

  • Vehicles will "see" around corners and "through" the vehicle in front of you. 

  • The vehicles will sense surroundings 10 times a second.

  • The new smart technology was built from the outset with security in mind...but hacking of smart cars will still be a concern.


Here's an interview about what we'll soon experience with Mark Peters, the director for automotive business development at Security Innovation.

The connected car is coming - Mark Peters • Security Innovation
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This week's TAG Aware Force headlines

The best passwords are four words with nothing in common, strung together. 

Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. This week we learned they're using the same tactic as hackers to get you to do it. 

Hey, Reddit users: after the popular website was hacked in mid-May, your Reddit password may be reset whether you like it or not. 

Here's a wake up call for small or mid-size organizations: the risks from being hacked are even greater than working for a big company. 

And remember the recent fight between the FBI and Apple? The FBI wanted a way to get access to password-protected iPhones. Apparently the FBI is losing the battle.

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Tino Mantella

President and CEO


Smart car photo courtesy of Cisco.

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