Here's an idea of what your personal information is worth on the black market.

The Home Depot's senior director of information security,

Sarath Geetahkumar, ranks it this way:

  • Your name and email address: $3-5

  • Add a credit card number: $20-50

  • Add your social security number: $100

  • Add personal medical information: a lot...depending on who you are

Home Depot - Sarath Geetahkumar
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How Hollywood got hacked.

And how you can avoid the same fate.

Four Rules

for protecting your smartphone and tablet.

Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton: three of the dozens of celebrities whose private photos were posted online. They unknowingly gave their iCloud passwords to hackers after receiving emails that appeared to be from Apple, but weren't. 


Video: a second hacker just admitted guilt and will serve jail time.

Have a look below and you'll see a few things to watch out for so you don't get hacked the same way. Hover your mouse over the images to pause scrolling.

Are you smarter than a hacker?

Rule #1 is also the easiest:

  • Password-protect your smartphone or tablet

  • Make sure you update apps and your device's operating software

  • Remember, even your friends' texts and emails could contain dangerous links

  • Only use password-protected wi-fi networks that you know are safe

Download the PDF below to learn more, or listen to our podcast.

Download the GDC Aware Force PDF about protecting your smartphone, tablet and laptop computer. 

Click below to listen to the GDC Aware Force podcast about protecting your smartphone and tablet.

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GDC Fast Facts


Percentage increase in cases of identity theft in the past year


In millions, number of iPhone users in the U.S.


Percentage of all smartphone industry profits that go to Apple


Number of web searches on Google...every second


Rank of "weather" in popularity among all search terms

GDC Headlines

Yes, President Obama uses a BlackBerry. But there's word now the Senate is phasing out the once-popular phone.

One in 6 humans has a Facebook account. But to keep your account safer, experts advise you stop giving them your phone number even for security measures like identification. 

The government advises organizations not to pay ransom if their data is stolen, but about half of executives hit with ransomware do pay up. More of those execs may soon face the test. 

Most of us only use (at most) five passwords. But before long, we're apt to be using "passthoughts" instead of passwords. 

And finally: have a look at the tool Google has released that shows how much it really knows about you. 

The Information Technology team at GDC is committed to keeping you safe online, at work and at home. GDC Aware Force is a resource to keep you informed and alert you of some of the most recent cyber security threats. Our goal is to enhance security awareness and reduce the threat risk and loss of data, keeping you, your colleagues and Georgia residents safer. 

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