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Early July 2016

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The Top Five Ways You're Apt to be Hacked

And how to avoid them...

Hackers use computers to randomly guess thousands of passwords a second. The longer and more complex your password, the better.

There's a reason for those annoying software updates. They're engineered to protect against the latest threats, so update when asked.

The reason this is so effective is that so many of us are gullible. You're not going to get rich from a special offer you got as an email. Don't click.

Did your gut tell you that email you got wasn't quite right? Don't click on any links. Delete it. Even if it looks like it's from someone you know.

Not to get you paranoid, but many times, hacks happen from the insidePassword protect your computer whenever you leave your desk. 

Are you smarter than a hacker?

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How to Keep Your Home WiFi Network Safer

Your home wi-fi unit can be used by bad guys to steal your personal information like your bank account password. How do you reduce your risk?


  • Don’t use the default password that came with the device. Create your own.

  • Update your software or computer operating system every time an update is available.

  • If your computer slows down suddenly, remove an application you installed recently to see if it is the cause of the sluggishness.


Even fitness trackers like Fitbits and new wifi-enabled appliances like refrigerators are being used by bad guys to expand their reach. 

Listen to our interview about

how to protect your home network.

Braden Rogers, SVP, Blue Coat Systems

Protecting Your Home Wi-Fi Network - Bradon Rogers
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NTSC Aware Force Fast Facts

Number of new wireless devices, from Apple Watches to smart refrigerators, connected to the internet every day
5.5 million:
Percentage of those devices considered to be lacking in security
Amount of time it takes for a computer, connected to the internet for the first time, to be contacted by automated hackers
1 minute:
2 million:
Number of personal files stolen by hackers every day
Cost to an organization per record stolen from its computer files

NTSC Aware Force Headlines

Wendy's aficionados, check your January through June debit card statements carefully. They now know hundreds of restaurants were hacked.

As if this election weren't going to be interesting enough, hackers have stolen and will be releasing secret files from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

So you're supposed to use hard-to-guess passwords and mix them up for the sites you visit. Well, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's favorite password has been "dadada" and he used it lots of places. 

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