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91% of employees forget their cybersecurity training in less than an hour.

Let's fix that!

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Engage employees with cybersecurity videos, quizzes,
infographics, news, and interactive phishing exercises

branded for you and packaged in a twice-monthly newsletter.

In the work-from-home environment, 

positive communication about

cybersecurity reinforces your corporate security culture and reduces your risk of cyber incidents.


Aware Force content is branded for your organization and content can be modified to reflect your message. 

Cybersecurity videos, one-sheets, posters, interactive phishing exercises, quizzes, and printable games engage over 50,000 readers a month. New topical content is delivered to you twice a month.


Best of all, Aware Force is easy to implement, and we deliver proof-of-performance metrics to you each month.

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Aware Force is affordable and easy to implement.

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Check out our clients' feedback.

"I can’t say it enough...this edition is just incredible.  SPOT ON. My CISO liked it so much she re-emailed my DL and said “WATCH IT! It’s so good and we are getting phished hard here.” She then forwarded it onto our CEO and C-suite. REALLY nice job." — Global Security Training and Communications Manager

“If we’re late sending one out, I feel like I’ll lose my job! Our people really look forward to it.” — Deputy CISO, Statewide government agency
“You all performed miracles for us in 2019. You brought IT and marketing together. Keep it up in 2020.” — Deputy CISO, FORTUNE 500
“It’s easy to roll out. We love it.” — CISO, City Government
“Aware Force has opened a new way for employees to communicate with us about phishing.” — CISO, National non-profit
“You guys are amazing in how fast you respond to us.” — IT Security team member, FORTUNE 500 company
"(Aware Force) is a good fit with our existing cybersecurity training system." — IT security team member, global insurance company
“We’re renewing for another year and have recommended it to other companies in our city.” — CISO, regional financial institution

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