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In recent weeks, hackers from a foreign government broke into multiple US federal agencies’ computer systems and also hacked into the respected cybersecurity firm FireEye.


The most important cybersecurity lesson of 2020: everyone faces cyber risks. 

But you can protect yourself, your family, and your job by following simple rules.


From Microsoft to Nintendo, Disney+ to Twitter, here are lessons from some of the year’s biggest cyber breaches. Click the arrows below to flip from page to page.

Stolen Zoom IDs and passwords flood the dark web

It's time to change your Zoom password, just to be safe. The website Bleeping Computer says 530,000 Zoom user names and passwords are for sale to hackers for a penny apiece. Also, be wary of any website address that includes the word "Zoom." Since March, there has been a 2000% increase in web domains that contain "Zoom" in the title, most of which involve scams. 

A warning about Amazon's new Halo Fitness Tracker

The website AppleInsider gives Amazon's new Halo personal fitness tracker high marks for the ways it measures and tracks a user's exercise and sleep routines. But the site warns that Amazon will likely utilize the extensive personal information it collects, including the always-on recording of a user's voice, to sell personalized products to the user.

Briefly: The cybersecurity firm McAfee reports losses from global cybercrime in 2020 will top $1 trillion, up 40% from two years ago. ... Here's an example. A year ago when hackers seized an organization's computers, they typically demanded $42,000 to unlock the files. This year, the average ransom demand rose to $234,000. ... Music streaming services are more popular than ever in 2020. According to Chartr, this year's #1 Christmas song, "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey is streamed so often, she receives a royalty payment worth $16,000 per day. 

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we'll remind you of some of the year's most important cybersecurity lessons,

all designed to keep you and your family safer. 

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