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Mid January 2017

Fraudsters have an effective new scheme targeting those of us who use Gmail. But you can avoid being hacked by setting your account so Google sends you a text or email before your password can be changed. It's worth doingLearn how.

Last month’s theft of credit card numbers at Holiday Inn is a reminder: check your credit and debit card statements. You’re not liable if you notify banks quickly about charges you didn’t make. Read more.

What was behind the biggest cyber hack of 2015 where 78 million Blue Cross health records were stolen? It appears a foreign government ordered the hack, and all they needed was for a Blue Cross employee to click on a link in an email. Learn more.

As the 45th president of the United States takes office, there is debate about whether and how a foreign government hacked into our elections. In this GDC Aware Force podcast, cyber security CEO Derek Harp says these breaches will surely increase, but the bigger danger involves cyber hacks you can help prevent at work and at home. 

Election hacking - Derek Harp | NexDefense
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Nearly 1/3 of all teenagers have shared explicit photos of themselves online. If you’re a parent, it's smart to understand some of the lingo that’s used in online chats. Terms like “PIR” (parents in room) or “WTTP” (want to trade pictures).


This downloadable GDC Aware Force PDF lists some of the shorthand text that's sometimes used. Please note, this PDF, which we’re posting to keep you and your family safer online, contains explicit content. You should not access this document if such content is offensive to you. 

Click on this link to download the new GDC January desktop image for use as your home computer's wallpaper.

Did you know Google tracks your activity online? While Google uses the data it collects from your browsing to display advertising that's relevant to your interests, you can see what the company knows about you and limit their tracking of you by clicking on the "G" logo above.

Once you're on the page, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen and select “Other Google activity” to finish the job.

One last thing...

The Information Technology team at GDC is committed to keeping you safe online, at work and at home. GDC Aware Force is a resource to keep you informed and alert you of some of the most recent cyber security threats. Our goal is to enhance security awareness and reduce the threat risk and loss of data, keeping you, your colleagues and Georgia residents safer.

If you have a question about cyber security or would like to alert us to suspicious activity online or at the office, please email the GDC Office of Information Technology team anytime, at

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