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Facebook Faces a $5 Billion Fine

The penalty, related to privacy violations, is a reminder to check your social media privacy settings.

The US Federal Trade Commission is proposing to fine Facebook up to $5 billion, saying the company has harmed consumers in how it used and secured their personal information.

The penalty involves Facebook's practice in recent years of sharing user data with other companies without permission. 

Because Facebook does not charge you to use its products, the company makes its money selling advertising tailored to what it knows about you.

How many weeks of revenues does a $5 billion fine represent to Facebook?

How many new Facebook user profiles are added every second?

How many billions of people use Facebook worldwide?

How fast is the company growing annually?

Take charge of your social media privacy:

Limit who can see what you post.

Review your Facebook privacy settings by first clicking on the    icon. Only "friends" should be able to view what you post.

On Instagram, first click on the 

icon, then the        icon, and then on "Privacy and Security." Now click the check box to turn on "Private Account."

WhatsApp users, begin by clicking on      , then the       icon, and then "Privacy." Choose "My Contacts" for who can see your personal info.

Sources: Fortune, Threatpost, Zephoria 

The Information Technology team at GDC is committed to keeping you safe online, at work and at home. GDC Aware Force is a resource to keep you informed and alert you of some of the most recent cyber security threats. Our goal is to enhance security awareness and reduce the threat risk and loss of data, keeping you, your colleagues and Georgia residents safer.

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