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Early February 2017

The emails and texts look just like they're from the IRS, but they're not.

Last October, authorities raided a sophisticated call center in India where hundreds of employees masqueraded as IRS agents. Callers had been phoning and texting US citizens demanding immediate payment of back taxesusually in the form of gift cards that can't be traced.

While the number of complaints to the BBB in January dropped to about 100, these scammers are back on the prowl as tax filing season progresses. (The above screenshot of a scammer's text was taken last week.)

In our new podcast, Intel security strategist Matthew Rosenquist says fraudsters have even figured out how to pose as consumers and successfully get refunds from the IRS.

The best way to avoid trouble is not to respond to texts or phone calls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. That's because the IRS uses registered mail to contact you.

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