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"What if people could learn what they need to protect their information on an organization’s website or through an email newsletter? This would not only help empower people to take control of their cybersecurity hygiene but give them peace of mind that responsible groups take cybersecurity seriously."

     — VentureBeat

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Aware Force is a twice-monthly newsletter that integrates your branding and cybersecurity messaging.


For your employees, it’s topical, interactive, and easy to understand. For you, it’s a way to engage employees year-round without requiring a large investment of your time.

Available in web and email-formatted editions, and in multiple languages, each edition lives on a URL that's hidden from search engines.

Here are examples of what your employees will see in custom-branded editions of Aware Force:

The Lead story: always topical and easy-to-understand

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Aware Force is an excellent tool for CISOs who want to do more than “check the box.” Aware Force offers a new channel where employees can alert you to potential trouble. And we raise your team's visibility as cybersecurity experts who work to protect the organization and their families.

“Aware Force has opened a new way for employees to communicate with us about phishing.”
     — CISO, National non-profit

Interactive cybersecurity content:
Videos, quizzes, phishing exercises

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Aware Force content is inspiring and educational, focusing on work and family cybersafety. Our interactive quizzes, videos, PDFs, cybersecurity Q&As, and news updates are written for the novice and always include actionable steps. We empower employees to be safer online, not scared.

“You all are amazing in how fast you respond to us.”
— IT Security team member
     FORTUNE 500 company

Relevant, actionable cybersecurity news headlines

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Because we're an independent news service, we're not linked to a particular vendor. That means we can include news from every reputable source. The headlines in our newsletter often appear as major stories weeks later. 

"I can’t say it enough...this edition is just incredible.  SPOT ON. My CISO liked it so much she re-emailed my DL and said “WATCH IT! It’s so good and we are getting phished hard here.” She then forwarded it on to our CEO and C-suite. REALLY nice job."

    — Global Security Training  Manager

Fun (yes, fun!) content that draws employees in

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Aware Force costs less than an LMS — there are no hidden fees. And we play well with others. You can add our service alongside popular cybersecurity training platforms and exponentially improve your workforce training.

"I recently met our global CFO in person. We've been working remotely in different cities because of COVID. The first thing she said was how much she appreciated getting the cybersecurity newsletter because it helped her understand our challenges and how to keep her kids safer.

     — CISO, Global medical company

Aware Force Cybersecurity News

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