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For six years, Aware Force has been raising the bar helping cybersecurity professionals protect their organizations. Our team hails from television and radio journalism, cybersecurity content generation, creative multimedia services, and internet technology.

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Aware Force founder Richard Warner has moderated over 100 cybersecurity summits nationwide, bringing together cybersecurity professionals from public companies, state and local governments, non-profits, and education. This constant exposure to cyber pros from all over the U.S. provides an invaluable perspective on evolving cyber threats.

In 1990, Richard founded one of the first internet marketing agencies. Clients included Fox Television Stations, the Mayo Clinic, AT&T, Ingersoll-Rand, and the Georgia Lottery Corporation. He also spent 30 years as a business and technology journalist, as a commentator and host of “Good Day Atlanta” on FOX, and as managing editor of the half-hour series “Georgia’s Business” on nine PBS stations. His daily marketing and technology commentary was syndicated to over 200 radio stations nationwide, including three top-rated clear channel radio stations.

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Aware Force head of sales and ops, Suzanne Cassada has worked with hundreds of CISOs, managing cybersecurity summits across the U.S. She understands the needs and challenges facing cybersecurity teams and has helped engineer Aware Force in providing maximum effectiveness for it's clients. She is front and center from the start.

Our lead animator Jonathan Sargent has delivered award-winning work for Discovery Channel, TLC, Velocity, CNN, Microsoft, Kraft, Verizon, and Mitsubishi Electric. He produces cybersecurity-themed videos for Aware Force. 

We work with an awesome production team including researchers and translators that allow us to provide cybersecurity content in multiple languages. 

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It’s what defines an organization and a customer’s experience. The Aware Force culture is based on what we call “C.P.R.”


We are creative, proactive, and responsive. The Aware Force newsletter epitomizes creativity. There is nothing like it on the market.


Each edition simplifies and humanizes cybersecurity, so employees understand better and help prevent cyber breaches by notifying I.T. of potential trouble days and weeks faster than before. They also appreciate I.T. as subject matter experts who protect their families from cybercrime.


We’re proactive. That means we constantly scour dozens of reliable news sources for relevant, interesting cybersecurity content.


We make every newsletter snackable, understandable, and actionable — not threatening and never overly technical.


And we’re responsive. That means if you have content specific to your organization that should appear in your customized Aware Force, we turn it around the same day you send it to us.


The content looks great in your newsletter, and you look great to your organization.

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Notice we don't list clients. That's intentional. The organizations we serve are leaders in business, government, and non-profits across the U.S. and Canada. But we don't expose them to risk by showing their logos and describing how they use us. But they do like us! These quotes are real and unsolicited.

One of our execs just brought up the IKEA email ordeal and wanted us to draw some attention to it.  ALREADY DID in December via our last Cybersecurity Newsletter. You make me look good — THANK YOU!!!!!

— Global Security Training Manager, Manufacturing

I just met our CFO in person for the first time. We've been working remotely. The first thing she says is how much she enjoys the cybersecurity newsletter. 

— Director of Cybersecurity, medical devices

Thank you for putting in the custom phishing information so fast. It looks amazing. 

— Cybersecurity Team Lead, regional bank

Just thought you should know. A reader submitted a question that turned out to be a BEC. We were able to act on it and alert the entire organization the SAME DAY. Priceless.

— CISO, tech company

I just wanted the I.T. team to know how much I appreciate these newsletters. I read every one and forward them to my parents. 

— Employee, large public school system

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Apex unites Fortune 1000 CXOs and visionary leaders who share a common purpose and a collective thirst for progress. By fostering collaborative exchange in a secure platform, Apex Assembly brings to the forefront strategic concepts and actionable insights.

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NTSC serves as the preeminent advocacy voice for the Chief Information Security Officer and to unite both public and private sector stakeholders around policies that improve national cybersecurity standards and awareness.

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BH Tech believes teaching our seniors how to engage in the use of today’s technology will promote a happier, healthier, and longer life by enabling connection, independence, and lifelong learning. Aware Force volunteers to create content and conduct cybersecurity classes for seniors through BH Tech. 

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Thank you for your interest in Aware Force! We'll contact you shortly.

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