Five ways to safeguard

Chicago Public Schools' most important information

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Hacking in the

public service sector

Hackers are targeting school districts and municipalities with powerful ransomware that locks and encrypts computer files. These groups make attractive targets because of the large number of employees with access to computers that are linked to vital systems.

Below are examples of online attacks that have occurred in the public service sector just in the past year:

  • Columbia Falls - $150k in bitcoin demanded to prevent the fraudster from publishing stolen school records

  • San Diego Unified School - Over 500k students and staffs’ personal data was stolen

  • Atlanta - Computer operations halted at the potential cost of $17 million

  • Ottawa, Canada - $100k was transferred by the city’s treasurer to a fraudster who masqueraded as the city manager


If an email doesn't look quite right or a website asks for personal information, stop and think before you click!

If you receive an email that you think might be a phishing attempt, please forward the email to

Take charge of your social media privacy:

Limit who can see what you post.

Review your Facebook privacy settings by first clicking on the    icon. Only "friends" should be able to view what you post.

On Instagram, first click on the 

icon, then the        icon, and then on "Privacy and Security." Now click the check box to turn on "Private Account."

WhatsApp users, begin by clicking on      , then the       icon, and then "Privacy." Choose "My Contacts" for who can see your personal info.

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