Trust your instinct.
If an email doesn't look quite right
or a website asks for personal information,
stop and think before you click!
Have you received a suspicious email?
If you believe that it is phishing forward it to:

You're the most important link

protecting our schools.

We will begin a Phishing campaign shortly.

If you have any cybersecurity concerns report them to:

IS THAT URGENT EMAIL REALLY FROM YOUR BOSS? The number of cases where fraudsters masquerade as leadership and send emails designed to trick employees has doubled over the past 12 months. Crooks use realistic-looking company email addresses to send urgent messages, instructing employees to wire company funds or send sensitive company information. CPS employees should be suspicious of any unexpected urgent, unusual email requests that appear to come from senior leaders or managers.

PASSWORDS IN THE NEWS: Because of a glitch over the past several years, employees at Facebook and Instagram could easily view the passwords of 600-million users, though the company says it has no record that actually happened. CNET says every affected user will be notified and urged to change their passwords “as a precaution.”

At CPS, our password policy requires staff to reset their passwords every 90 days and high schools students must reset their passwords every 180 days. Students in grades 4-8 must reset their passwords once per year.

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Cyber Cartoon: Paul Noth/The New Yorker Collection/The Cartoon Bank

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