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Early March 2017

Here's why you should remove your birthday from Facebook.

It's one of five ways to protect your privacy that we'll cover in our quiz. 

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Americans and Our Privacy

How parents can teach kids about privacy (:52)

86%: rely on our memory for our passwords 

81%: suffered a personal data breach

41%: fraudulent credit card charges made

41%: shared passwords with someone

39%: use the same passwords over and over

16%: their personal email account hijacked

14%: someone apply for a loan in their name

6%: had fraudulent tax returns filed

— Pew Research 2017

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What can parents do to make sure their kids are aware that privacy on the web is important?


Intel's Director of Privacy and Security, Bruce Snell, says success is all in your approach. 

Emails from scammers often include logos of familiar companies.
Sometimes, you can tell the email is a fake because the logo isn't quite right.

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CloudPets, the popular stuffed animals that allow parents and kids to send audio messages to each other through the toy, has been hacked and over 500,000 audio files put online. Stop using this toy. ... Because of a sophisticated hack, you should log in and change your passwords if you use Uber, Fitbit, Yelp, OK Cupid, Reddit, Medium or Glassdoor. ... Oscar-winner John Legend's Twitter account was hacked and vulgar messages were posted in his name. #1 way to avoid being hacked on social media: set up your account so you're notified by text if your password gets changed. 

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