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Early January 2017

You may think sharing a password with someone shows trust or even affection. Most of us who share passwords on the job are just trying to get work done faster or enlist others for help.

But particularly on the job, sharing passwords is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Because once your password is out, tracking who else has it is almost impossible.

Passwords are like underwear.

Remember, the Amazon Echo device you got for Christmas is always listening to you. Read more.

The head of the FBI puts black tape over the webcam on his laptop to better protect himself from hackers. You should, too! Read more.

Think you're too smart to get hacked? We all do. Well, watch this. View the video.

In this CLSI Aware Force podcast Kathy Fithen, Chief Privacy Officer at the Coca-Cola Company, talks about managing your privacy online. She says the first step is to read the privacy policy when you download an app or visit a website so you know what they're doing with your personal information.

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We've got some interesting facts about

passwords including the man who invented them.

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Are your passwords easy to guess, like "password123"? Do you use the same passwords on different websites to make your life easier? 

Consider using a password manager on your desktop computer and smartphone. Here's a free password manager called LastPass you might want to try.

Rank in popularity of the Apple's iPad Mini 4 among all smartphone and tablet activations during Christmas week: 1

Rank in popularity of Amazon's Echo Dot among all other electronics items during Christmas week: 1

Number of devices connected to the internet worldwide as of 2017: 28 billion

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