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Major Cyber Breach Disclosed

Starwood, the world’s largest hotel chain with brands including Sheraton, Weston and W, has been hacked.


In one of the largest cyber breaches in history, personal information of up to 500 million customers including their passport numbers, email addresses, travel details, and potentially credit card information was stolen from 2014 to September 10th, 2018. 


This hack could lead to a significant increase in identity theft and phishing attempts in months to come.


Marriott, which owns Starwood Hotels, is notifying victims by email and will offer them a year of free membership in WebWatcher, a service that monitors where personal information is shared online and alerts members. 


Consumers can visit for more information. Victims should review credit card statements for unauthorized charges and change passwords for their accounts with Starwood-owned hotels  — as well as any other online accounts where they use the same passwords.

Cyber shopping is big! So far, we're spending nearly 25% more online this holiday than we did last year.


Which of the top 10 cyber retailers do the best job keeping you safe when you place a holiday order over the web? 

The tech company LastPass has compiled a new list of the top 5 safest major websites and 5 popular websites that come up short.

Here are some of the 17 criteria LastPass used:

  • The retailer uses two-factor authentication to prove it's really you placing the order. 

  • They won't let you sign in using your Facebook or Google account. 

  • They require strong passwords (up to 20 characters with a mix of letters and symbols).

  • How much of your personal information they share.

1: Apple, Inc.

$9.8 billion in sales*

2: Best Buy

$3.3 billion in sales

3: The Home Depot

$3.8 billion in sales

4: Amazon

$124 billion in sales

5: Qurate (QVC, HSN),,

$3 billion in sales

6: Costco

$3 billion in sales

7: Macy's

$3 billion in sales

8: eBay

$16.6 billion in sales

9: Wal-Mart

$9.3 billion in sales

10: Wayfair

$2.8 billion in sales

*2018 online sales as ranked by

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In this quiz, learn an easy way to cut back on your family's screen time, how to spot a common holiday cyber scam and spot 2018’s fastest growing type of identity theft.

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