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Sources: FBI, Zynga, Verizon, PCMag

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If you have a personal email account that ends in, or, you should log in and change the account's password. 

Microsoft says an unknown number of those email accounts were breached earlier this year, giving hackers access to some — but not all — account information.

The vast hidden area of the internet called the "Dark Web", where many hackers hang out, is rarely visited by the average computer user.

How much of the web is accessible when you search for something? 

The clear web: all the public websites available via Google and other search engines

The deep web: requires passwords to view; includes webpages such as your bank and bill pay and private intranets.

The dark web: content viewable only by using a special web browser called "TOR." Good and bad deeds happen here.


Georgia State University's Dr. Don Hunt is an expert in electronic crime, digital payments and cyber policy. Hunt says users of the dark web remain anonymous, which is dangerous when criminals use it to attack organizations, but useful for people who want to alert authorities to wrongdoing.

By reading anonymous posts on the dark web, relief agencies can find out what items are needed to help people. In one case, what people needed was a link to the outside world. Click the arrow to listen.

But bad things do exist on the dark web. Dangerous software that damages computers and costs organizations huge financial losses often originates here. Click the arrow to listen.

Hackers are not all-powerful! The most important step in avoiding them is to pay attention before clicking a link in an email or downloading an attachment. Click the arrow to listen.

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