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Engage employees with fun and interesting cybersecurity quizzes

Of course, it's "all of the above." 
When you're trying to engage employees in cyber security education, they have to want to participate. Aware Force quizzes are designed to enlighten by being fun and interesting.
We can host the quizzes (and if you like provide you with scoring information), or provide you with the content to integrate into your LMS.
Quizzes are included in Aware Force cyber security e-newsletters branded for your organization. Learn more here.
• Available as hosted version or as Word docs
• 12 quizzes available for 2021
• 5 multiple-choice questions in each quiz
• Topics range from ransomware to identity theft 
• Branded for your organization
• Mandatory player registration optional
• Metrics provided for the hosted version

Get the whole story here. 

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