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These days, it's possible to use your phone — and sometimes just your voice — to control everything from your TV to your lights, your thermostat and shades, even your car or medical device.


The amount of information collected by these smart devices is staggering. A Federal Trade Commission report this summer concluded that just 10,000 households can generate 150 million discrete data points every day. 

What new powerful insights into your personal life will a company have when its entertainment system can track you in your car, a smart vacuum cleaner knows your home's dimensions, and a smart watch monitors your physical activity?


Read about some of the surprising cases where hackers have stolen valuable personal data by accessing smart devices…and what you can do to protect yourself. 

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The Roomba vacuum, Amazon's Alexa,

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>  How did cyber thieves manage to hack HBO and steal all those shows and executive emails? Cyber expert Roderick Jones says it's probably because HBO computers aren't running the latest versions of Windows.

>  So, Windows users: make sure you update your home computer's operating system to the latest version, released earlier this month. Here's how.

>  Pop star Ariana Grande's Instagram account was hacked recently, exposing her 111 million followers to messages from fraudsters. Solution: enable two-factor authentication.

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One last thing...

There is one thing that cyber criminals do not want you to know:  they cannot be successful without your cooperation.


Having the right technology is essential and important. Technology provides a good barrier to the efforts of those trying to breach our network border. Through the use of such resources as antivirus, firewall, encryption or data loss prevention software, we provide a fortress of protection for our sensitive data. But our efforts cannot and do not stop there. This month we turn our attention to what is known in the IS industry as “Securing the Human,” because even the most state-of-the-art technology can be rendered ineffective in the hands of an inattentive or uninformed person.


Someone reading this message believes that they are not a target of cyber criminals and it is that belief that exposes us to tremendous risk. If you use email. If you have a social media account. If you own a mobile device. If you browse the internet at home or at work, you are a target and you are vulnerable. The cybercriminal knows it. This is why at Realogy we not only invest in technology that will secure us, but we invest in our most valuable asset and our first line of defense:  You.


Through the daily practice of implementing what you learn from (1) Our library of information security courses at our MyLearning Information Security page, (2) Our Information Security Newsletter posted bi-weekly in AtHome, and (3) The varied courses we offer in-person and via WebEx, you continue to defend yourself and us against the would-be hackers, social engineers, and phishers.


Remember, every day you have the choice to be Realogy’s greatest asset or our weakest link.

SVP, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Nashira W. Layade

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