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You play an important role in safeguarding your co-workers and our customers.
Around the world, when sensitive information lands in the hands of fraudsters, employees and contractors are involved about 95% of the time, according to IBM. But in most cases, the leaks are not intentional.

"Think about the kind of information that is sensitive to your employer."

— Robert Lord, co-founder


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"Be very deliberate about what you include in emails and what you share on social media. 

Be thoughtful and deliberate. Remember that the information you have access to might be important and confidential to your employer." 

"People who steal data from an organization are often easily identified."

— Steve Bongardt, founder, Gyges Group,

former FBI agent

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"Insiders who steal from an organization are usually involved in a difficult personal situation where they are spending beyond their means and need money to cover it.

We find these types of personalities are identifiable — we often see narcissistic people."

>  Account information for 1 in 10 Verizon customers was exposed online to hackers earlier this summer, according to ZDNet. Protect yourself by changing your Verizon PIN code now.

> The Atlantis and Paradise Island resorts in the Bahamas have disclosed that the properties' payment systems were hacked between last November and March. Guests who paid for food or drinks with a credit card should check their bills for fraudulent charges. 

> However, your credit card number isn't worth much to hackers anymore, says NBC News. Your social security number and health record is what bad guys want the most.  

"Malware", "Spyware", "Virus":

Learn about 5 online safety terms

and be more informed as you surf the web.

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