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Mid April 2017

Every three minutes,
someone's identity is stolen.
Fraudsters use a victim's personal information to open credit cards, withdraw money from their bank accounts, rent apartments, apply for mortgages and even access medical services. Stay safer!
Get smarter!
View, download and print our infographic about identity theft by clicking on the image below.
Sharing too much on social media raises your risk of identity theft. Watch a 60 Minutes reporter track down a waitress using only the information she posted on Facebook.
Listen to our interview with
identity theft expert Robert Siciliano.

So, just who are these identity thieves? 

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Steps to take so your identity is as secure as possible (34 seconds)

Leave your checkbook and

social security card at home.

Information on those can be used to get a credit card, medical insurance and even a mortgage!

Microsoft Word and Adobe Flash are out with important updates designed to protect users from being hacked. Make sure the latest versions are installed on your home computer.


For Microsoft Word: open Word; under the "Help" menu, select "Check for updates" and install if directed.


To update Adobe Flash: click here.

If you shop at GameStop, the global game retailer, check your credit card statement this spring for purchases you did not make. A breach this past winter exposed GameStop customer credit card information. ... Reuters: Only about one in four of us are willing to give up information about our personal texts, emails, phone records and web browsing if doing so would help foil terrorist plots. 

Have some fun taking our quiz about famous names.

You'll get tips about identity theft

as we reveal the real names

of Hollywood personalities. 

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